Self-portraits for Starling Eyewear

When Starling Eyewear asked if I would take a few photos of myself wearing the fabulous Max frame, how could I say no? I've been a fan of the Austin eyewear company since I ran into their cozy airstream at FunFunFun Fest last year, and I've been hooked on their stylish eyeglasses ever since.

Once upon a time, my very first job out of high school was working for a large eyewear chain. At the time, I didn’t have a prescription, nor was there a need to wear glasses, but found myself with an odd collection of frames with clear lenses that matched various outfits and moods. Fast forward (ahem) many years, and the need for bifocals and readers has quickly approached. I’ve found great frames on eBay, at flea markets, and in small boutiques on various travels - and they all had one thing in common: stylish glasses can be very expensive.

black 1

Starling Eyewear was easy to fall in love with - not only for their fashion-forward, very stylish looks, but also very affordable price points. (So much so, I currently own seven pair!) The fact they are based locally in Austin was just a plus.  Pierre and Isabelle have an impeccable eye for color and style, as well as being extraordinarily helpful and down to earth. 

Now, you may be wondering, isn’t FunFunFun Fest a music festival? Well, yes. But when you have a small fleet of chic airstreams and trailers as showrooms, a music festival is the perfect place to bring your collection (especially when someone realizes that a pair of bifocal sunglasses would be extremely helpful in reading those schedule lineups in 8 point font.) 

It’s not hard to see why I am such a big fan of Starling Eyewear. And I am honored to have been asked to photograph myself in their creations.