Last Week with Revolutionary Austin (10/6/14)




Just because we took a few days off to enjoy the beautiful central Texas weather, doesn't mean we haven't been busy!

We have new photos with Bijoy Goswami as Benjamin Franklin and David Hess as John Durang. 

There's also an ICYMI behind the scenes videos with Johnny Moeller and Dorsey & Susan (with #GustavotheGoose.)

And much more!

Both Bijoy Goswami and Benjamin Franklin are ideas guys - grand thoughts on a wide foray topics - with action plans to go with them all. According to his Wikipedia entry, Bijoy is an "entrepreneurial philosopher," which includes thinking, writing, speaking, connecting, coaching and strategizing on a variety of topics. Most recently, he has co-founded the ATX Equation, a group of Austinites currently in the process of identifying and mapping Austin's scenes.

We thought Bijoy was the perfect Ben Franklin, with Franklin's accessible intellectualism and consistent tinkering being the perfect pairing with Bijoy's modernity. 

Bijoy Goswami as Benjamin Franklin

Bijoy Goswami as Benjamin Franklin

hess mugshot





As we mentioned in our last update, David Hess is a local musician, comedian, producer we had portray the first American born actor John Durang. The concept of comedy/tragedy was David's idea, and we were happy to oblige.

David Hess as John Durang

David Hess as John Durang

ICYMI: We have behind the scenes videos from our sessions with Johnny Moeller, which you can check out here and our video with Dorsey & Susan can be found here.

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