Last Week with Revolutionary Austin: 11/2/14

We're counting down - less than two weeks away from our exhibit at the beautiful Springdale Farm! Our official number is exhibit 365 on the tour, and we do hope you stop by to say hi.

We will be hosting a sneak peek at during an intimate opening reception (and final fundraiser) on Thursday, November 13 from 4-6pm at the Springdale Farm market house.

If you can't make it, please consider making a donation to help us defray the costs (you can click on the link below!)

We raised about half of what the exhibit cost to put together, and had to cut back on quite a bit of what we wanted to accomplish, but we are very thankful for having your support to complete what we did.

Last week, we released the behind the scenes video with Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, who was more than gracious waking up at 5am to be photographed on Town Lake dressed as General George Washington. You can check out the video here:

Next week, we'll be releasing the final behind the scenes video with Heather McKissick as Abigail Adams - which is the perfect completion to this project on leadership. Heather's insights on this topic kept us going and she was an invaluable champion of this crazy idea.

Thanks so much for your interest and support.