Our online fundraiser ends tonight!

A few years ago, I had an idea to photograph public people as Revolutionary War era characters after a conversation with a friend. A few months ago, I began asking my friends if they'd be willing to participate in such an art venture, the first one I've ever done. These folks trusted me enough with their time and reputations to agree to this crazy idea.

And now it's happening. My first public art project. 

We've been asking for your support to help us make this idea happen - and many of you have (which we very much appreciate!) But we've only reached 50% of our fundraising goal, and our project might be in jeopardy.

If you like this idea, think art is good, want to support creative representations of our community, or just think I'm a nice person, I encourage you to support us today.


We still have 8 revolutionaries left to photograph including Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, Heather McKissick, Johnny Moeller, David Hess, Bijoy Goswami, and others. We'd love to get it done.

Thanks so much for your time, encouragement, and support.