What folks are saying about Revolutionary Austin

We've had such great support since we've launched our IndieGoGo campaign, and I'm very grateful for everyone who has stopped by the page, taken a look at what we're doing, and donated to the campaign. We've reached over 25% of our goal in the first week!

Social media is the main way we are reaching out to folks, and many have posted their own support for the project. Here's a few we'd like to share:

Heather McKissick: "Austin is Revolutionary in SO many ways. And there are so many incredible people in Austin who take a revolutionary approach to their work, life, and influence in this city. The #RevolutionaryATX project by Sandra Buzanowski Ramos is shaping up to be an amazing tribute to our city and its leadership, and I am humbled to be a part of such a funky, cool, super-Austin-y thing with leaders like Art Acevedo, David Escamilla Glenn Gadbois Bijoy Goswami and others! Check it out!"

Katherine Nicely: "What an amazing project. Sandra Buzanowski Ramos is creating an art project called Revolutionary Austin. They are taking people from across the civic spectrum (public figures, musicians, actors, activists, etc) and matching them up with historical figures from the Revolutionary War era and photographic them with a modern twist. Imagine Glenn Gadbois' as Paul Revere's posing as historical figures. Love the idea."

David Hess: "if you think for a moment that you're gonna run for office without consulting sandra ramos, you're a joke. in other news: sandra's [taking photos and] publishing a book and unless i'm dreaming, my face is gonna be in that book. no no no: the pleasure really is all mine."

Also a big thank you to David Barrow (@anchorhd) and Adrian Miller (@soulfoodscholar) for their tweets about #revolutionaryATX.

I'd really appreciate it if you could give us a shout out to your networks, and maybe donate a little to show your support.

Thanks again!