This week with Revolutionary Austin 9/21/14

Time to catch our breath a bit after a full week with #RevolutionaryATX! We photographed four more Revolutionaries this week and we couldn't be more excited to share them with you.

Revolutionary #6 is actor and all-around awesome guy David Hess, who we photographed as John Durang, the first American born actor. But Durang was more than an actor, he was a mime, dancer and acrobat during a time when theatre was banned in our country. Hess, similarly, is a musician, comedian, producer, and formerly a barista at my favorite watering hole, Cafe Mundi (R.I.P.). We caught up with this busy guy at Coldtowne Theatre this week. Here's a sneak peek at what we did - but it's not the finished deal...stay tuned!

Revolutionary #7 is the hugely talented guitarist and super nice guy Johnny Moeller, who you may know from his bands The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Moeller Bros., and Barfield. We have Johnny portraying Francis Hopkinson, a lesser known signer of the Declaration of Independence, but more importantly, the first American born composer. Moeller is one of the hardest working guys I know - and like most musicians, he's on the road a lot, but we're glad he likes to play around town. You can catch him playing at C-Boys or the Continental Club, which is where we photographed him.


It was a sheer delight photographing Revolutionaries #8, HausBar Farms owners Dorsey Barger and Susan Hausmann super early in the morning (even before the chickens were out of the henhouse!) These ladies are portraying Miss Mary Ann Willson and Miss Brundage, one of just a few lesbian couples written about in colonial American history. Just after the Revolutionary War, Willson and Brundage lived openly in upstate New York, on a farm they owned, where Miss Willson was a notable folk artist as well. Miss Brundage (whose first name is lost to history) helped other local farmers with their land, and the couple was very engaged in their community. Dorsey and Susan have a beautiful two acre property on the eastside where they grow organic food for some of the best restaurants in town (including Qui, Kome, Olamaie, etc). We are tickled they sat for this project.


That's a wrap for this week. We've got five left to go!

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Thanks so much!


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