New! Behind-the-scenes with Hon. David Escamilla and Mack Martinez

As we line up our next Revolutionaries to photograph, we have just completed the video of our shoot with Travis County Attorney David Escamilla and Asst. County Attorney Mack Martinez. We were honored to have them participate and both were such troopers, playing their parts flawlessly.

You can check out the behind the scenes video here: 

We'd also like to thank everyone who donated to Revolutionary Austin during our IndieGoGo campaign. We raised over $3600 (on and offline) which really helps us in continuing this endeavor, and we appreciate your support.

We are now accepting donations via Square, so if you'd still like to help us out, we'd love to have your support. Just click on the link below this post.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement. We're just about two months out from the exhibit and getting more excited by the day!