This week with Revolutionary Austin: week 6

Another busy week at Revolutionary base camp and it gets more exciting every week as we get closer to completing the project!

Our online fundraiser has ended and we raised over $3700 both on and offline. Thank you to everyone who contributed to get us over this hurdle and keep the project going. But it doesn’t end there, in order to complete the project by November, we need to raise another $5800. If you’re enjoying our art, please contribute by clicking the button at the end of this post. We’d really appreciate it!

This week, we completed the behind-the-scenes video with Hon. David Escamilla and Travis Co. Attorney Mack Martinez and you can see it here:

In other big news, our first four 20x30 exhibition photos have been printed and we even completed framing Paul Revere!

Revolutionary Austin isn’t just about photographing people dressed in colonial era clothing, it’s a history and civics lesson as well, showing leaders from across Austin portraying people who were important to American history. Some you may know, and some you may not - but hopefully everyone will take away something new.

Our next scheduled shoots will bring out some of that history as we dig in with:

- local actor/musician David Hess as John Durang, the first American born actor

- Fabulous Thunderbirds/Barfield guitarist Johnny Moeller portraying Francis Hopkinson, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and considered the first American born composer

- HausBar Farms owners Dorsey Barger and Susan Hausmann as Miss Mary Ann Willson and Miss Brundage, a folk artist and her farmer partner, one of the few noted lesbian couples in colonial times.

Stay tuned for more fun, and don’t forget to check it out, give a little and pass it on!

Thanks so much,