Revolutionary #2: Rudy Malveaux as Paul Cuffee, Sr.

Our project is on a roll, and our second Revolutionary was Rudy Malveaux, filmaker, political activist and community organizer. We photographed Rudy at Marshall's Barber Shop on 12th and Chicon in East Austin this past weekend. (Big thanks to Jermaine and the crew, who were extraordinarily helpful and accomodating!)

Rudy is portraying Paul Cuffee, Sr. (also written Cuffe), a free African-American man from Colonial America who built a maritime fleet and organized other free blacks to oppose the tea tax placed on imported tea in Boston, among other accomplishments (which you can learn about at the exhibit!)

Rudy Malveaux as Paul Cuffee, Sr.

Rudy Malveaux as Paul Cuffee, Sr.

Rudy also wanted to have some fun with our Colonial wigs, so we took some time out to have some fun during the session. (Mr. Cuffee, to our knowledge, did not wear a wig, as traditional for men in that era, but we can bust a mold a bit!)

fun with wigs!

fun with wigs!

Don't forget to check out our IndieGoGo page: to see more about the project and to help us reach out goal of $5000 by the end of August. Please forward this project on to friends and we can make it happen!

We have more sessions planned in the next few weeks...stay tuned!




Our first Revolutionary - Glenn Gadbois as Paul Revere

Our first photo session for Revolutionary Austin went off flawlessly Friday evening in downtown Austin, with the fantastic Glenn Gadbois, Executive Director of Movability Austin. Glenn is at the forefront of trying to find alternative transportation options for Austinites, instead of relying on single occupant automobiles.

Now much like Paul Revere, Glenn is also a craftsman, which was one of the many reasons I chose Glenn to portray Revere in this series.

Here are some behind the scenes shots and outtakes, with the final exhibit photo coming soon...stay tuned! And don't forget to help us continue the project by donating to our IndieGoGo campaign here:

behind the scenes on Cesar Chavez St.

behind the scenes on Cesar Chavez St.

What folks are saying about Revolutionary Austin

We've had such great support since we've launched our IndieGoGo campaign, and I'm very grateful for everyone who has stopped by the page, taken a look at what we're doing, and donated to the campaign. We've reached over 25% of our goal in the first week!

Social media is the main way we are reaching out to folks, and many have posted their own support for the project. Here's a few we'd like to share:

Heather McKissick: "Austin is Revolutionary in SO many ways. And there are so many incredible people in Austin who take a revolutionary approach to their work, life, and influence in this city. The #RevolutionaryATX project by Sandra Buzanowski Ramos is shaping up to be an amazing tribute to our city and its leadership, and I am humbled to be a part of such a funky, cool, super-Austin-y thing with leaders like Art Acevedo, David Escamilla Glenn Gadbois Bijoy Goswami and others! Check it out!"

Katherine Nicely: "What an amazing project. Sandra Buzanowski Ramos is creating an art project called Revolutionary Austin. They are taking people from across the civic spectrum (public figures, musicians, actors, activists, etc) and matching them up with historical figures from the Revolutionary War era and photographic them with a modern twist. Imagine Glenn Gadbois' as Paul Revere's posing as historical figures. Love the idea."

David Hess: "if you think for a moment that you're gonna run for office without consulting sandra ramos, you're a joke. in other news: sandra's [taking photos and] publishing a book and unless i'm dreaming, my face is gonna be in that book. no no no: the pleasure really is all mine."

Also a big thank you to David Barrow (@anchorhd) and Adrian Miller (@soulfoodscholar) for their tweets about #revolutionaryATX.

I'd really appreciate it if you could give us a shout out to your networks, and maybe donate a little to show your support.

Thanks again!





I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for the great encouragement on this project. It's my first art exhibit, and without your support, none of this would be possible.

It's also important to recognize some folks behind the scenes who have been really awesome: Allison from Coco Coquette, who has done an amazing job finding and styling our wigs; the folks at Austin B-cycle, who are gracious enough to loan us a bike for one of our shoots on location, and Dolly at Costume World, who has talked me off the ledge and helped me find the perfect costumes from their huge selection.

Thanks everyone. Don't forget to check out our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for this fun project.



Wigs from Coco Coquette

Wigs from Coco Coquette

costume for Paul Revere

costume for Paul Revere

It's a civics lesson, it's a history lesson...

 My friends and I are creating a project called Revolutionary Austin.

It's a part history lesson, part civics lesson and all photography project starring leaders from across the civic spectrum in Austin, matching them up with historical figures from Colonial/Revolutionary America, and photographing them with a modern twist.

We have actors, musicians, activists, business leaders and public officials lined up for this unique take in a changing city.

I spent 20 years in politics before I was a photographer, and with my love of politics, history and a  group of interesting friends, we decided to create a visual interpretation of the faces of Austin leaders who are helping forge a new vision for our city.

Our goal is to create 13 photographs of these Austin leaders, dress them up as figures from the Revolutionary War era, with an element of both their personality, as well as the historical person. We'd love to show this as an exhibition during the East Austin Studio Tour this november.

Now, this proposition gets expensive fast - so we put together a budget of what we think it could cost to get it all done.

And that's where you come in. We'd love to have your support in helping us create this project. We will be releasing an IndieGoGo campaign within the next few days, and hope you will check back and donate what you can.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to creating a great project.